Medical Tourism in Moldova: 30,000 Foreign Patients Generated $50 Million in 2022

Last year, 30,000 foreign citizens chose clinics and medical institutions in the Republic of Moldova. They generated an income of 50 million USD. The data was provided by Deputy Prime Minister Dumitru Alaiba, Minister of Economic Development and Digitalization.

“30,000 patients in 2022! This is the number of foreign citizens who chose clinics and medical institutions in the Republic of Moldova, generating an income of 50 million USD, which is 30% more compared to 2021. The growth and competitiveness of our medical sector are clearly visible,” Alaiba communicated on a social network.

The official added that on September 15, he participated in the International Medical Tourism Forum, where he had the opportunity to interact with leaders of medical tourism associations from 15 countries.

“The Republic of Moldova is emerging as a destination for medical tourism, with quality clinics, technologies, and competitive prices. Digitalization of medical services and attracting investments are central priorities to ensure an innovative and accessible medical environment,” he stated.


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