Nicu Popescu, Strengthens Bilateral Ties with Italian Counterpart Antonio Tajani

Deputy Prime Minister Nicu Popescu, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, began his visit to Rome by participating in a joint session of the Foreign Affairs Committees of the Italian Senate and Chamber of Deputies.

The head of Moldovan diplomacy thanked the Italian legislators for the two resolutions adopted by the Committee on Foreign and Community Affairs of the Chamber of Deputies, which expressed full support for Moldova’s accession to the European Union.

“These resolutions represent a strong signal of solidarity from Italy towards our European path,” stated Nicu Popescu.

The official from Chisinau emphasized that over the three decades of diplomatic relations, the two states have built a close and strategic connection based on European values.

“We reiterated our government’s commitment to continue internal reforms to accelerate Moldova’s accession process to the EU. Additionally, we mentioned that we are facing various types of hybrid attacks in an attempt to destabilize our republic, and the best tool to counter propaganda and disinformation is progress. European accession, the path chosen by Moldova, represents this progress,” Nicu Popescu affirmed.


Also in Rome, the head of Moldova’s diplomacy, Nicu Popescu, met with his Italian counterpart, Antonio Tajani.

The officials discussed Moldova’s European path and our significant progress in implementing the nine recommendations of the European Commission.

“Our objective is to obtain a positive recommendation regarding the opening of accession negotiations, and in this regard, we rely on Italy’s support. In this context, Minister Nicu Popescu welcomed and expressed gratitude for the two resolutions adopted by the Committee on Foreign and Community Affairs of the Italian Parliament, which express support for Moldova’s EU accession,” the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration press release states.

Additionally, the Deputy Prime Minister discussed new opportunities for economic collaboration and the strengthening of business partnerships in Rome. Italy is one of Moldova’s most important trading partners, with trade between the two states amounting to hundreds of millions of euros annually.

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