MFA encourages the diaspora to pre-register to vote in the October elections.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MFA) urges Moldovan citizens living abroad to pre-register on the website to vote in the October 20, 2024 elections.

The ministry said that registration is mandatory for Moldovan citizens residing in the USA, Canada, Iceland, Norway, Sweden, and Finland who want to vote by mail as an alternative way of voting abroad using postal services.

Pre-registration is required no later than 45 days before Election Day. The deadline is September 6, 2024.

Voting by mail at the presidential election for citizens in the USA and Canada can cost Moldova 13 million lei.


According to the Central Election Commission, Moldova will open four electoral offices in the USA and Canada. It will cost about 200 thousand lei. The cost of ballot papers is about 1.7 million lei. Sending letters will cost 8 million lei. Thus, the total cost of the four polling stations reaches 12-13 million lei.

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