Renato Usatii: “In the presidential elections in the fall, I will be the only candidate from Moldova”

“In the presidential elections in the fall, I will be the only candidate from Moldova,” claims Renato Usatii, chairman of the “Our Party.”

“Yes, I have declared that I will run for the presidency of the Republic of Moldova. I have always been honest, unlike others. Today, the citizens of the Republic of Moldova need a candidate who will be able to unite the society and contribute to the prosperity of the citizens. What is the picture today? On the “right” is the candidacy of Mrs. Maia Sandu. The West openly supports her. There are several other “candidates” on the right. There is no open game on the left. The candidate from the “left” will secretly support the Russian Federation because there is a war in Ukraine. I am the only candidate from Moldova that nobody can control,” Renato Usatii said.


According to the chairman of “Our Party,” the time has come for Moldova to have a president who will be guided in decision-making by the interests of his people.

“I am honest with people and always respect their wishes. I am not an icon, and I don’t claim to be. But people have the right to a better life, and I can provide that. Our country is more divided now than ever. I will unite the whole society,” says Renato Usatii.

Moldova will hold the presidential election and the referendum on the country’s integration into the EU on the same day, October 20, 2024.

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