USM is among the leaders of higher education in the country. It received the award for the third time in a row

The State University of Moldova (USM) received the award at the Moldovan Business Gala. The USM management reports that it is for the third consecutive time.

According to USM, the university received the Grand Prize at the Quality Mark Competition for remaining among the leaders of higher education in the country. At the same time, USM also won the “Goddess of Quality” Trophy in the “Award for Achievements in the Field of Quality of Goods and Services” competition.

“Our institution was also awarded the Honorary Diploma “Golden Mercury” with the nomination “Reputation and Trust” in the category “Services related to education and culture.” These awards reconfirm the professionalism of the entire teaching and academic community of the USM, who, through their daily work, dedication, and selflessness, contribute to the high performance of our institution. We continue to become even better and bring more value to higher education in the Republic of Moldova”, USM representatives wrote on Facebook.


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