Mihai Popșoi advocates for NATO membership as the only solution for national security

Moldova’s Vice President of Parliament, Mihai Popșoi, has declared that joining NATO is the only solution to ensure the national security of Moldova. He made this statement during the “NEconfidențial” Radio Chisinau show. However, he acknowledged that there is still a lot of work to be done as this process cannot be initiated without massive democratic support. Popșoi emphasized that the main security risks for Moldova, as in the last 30 years, come from the East, specifically from the Russian Federation.

Popșoi criticized the notion that neutrality can guarantee Moldova’s security, saying that the country still partially lives in a propaganda field created by the Kremlin. He argued that neutrality has never stopped the aggressor.

Popșoi called for a rethink of Moldova’s security architecture and ways to ensure its security. He stressed the need to break down the propaganda wall constructed in citizens’ minds over the past 30 years by Russian propaganda. Popșoi believes that more citizens need to be convinced that Moldova cannot remain unprotected under the current security system, and other solutions need to be found.


According to Popșoi, joining NATO is the only solution to ensure Moldova’s national security. However, he acknowledged that achieving this goal would require a significant increase in political support and democratic backing.

Popșoi also pointed out that the main security risks to Moldova come from the East, specifically from the Russian Federation. The ongoing conflict in Ukraine has highlighted this fact, and Moldovan citizens have experienced Russian threats, as demonstrated by Russian cruise missiles flying over Moldova’s airspace.

Popșoi emphasized that Moldovan authorities are working to fortify national security measures. In addition to security, the radio show discussed other topics, including justice reform, European integration, and the return of the Chisinau International Airport to state management.

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