Hope in a Crisis: Humanitarian Aid Dispatched to Those in Need from Turkey

In response to the devastating earthquakes that hit the Republic of Turkey on February 6th and 7th, the Moldovan government sent a shipment of humanitarian aid to the affected population. The aid, which includes medical supplies, hygiene kits, blankets, pillows, stretchers, and other essential items, is being escorted by the General Inspectorate for Emergency Situations to the Leușeni border crossing.

The six trucks carrying the aid have a total volume of 317.93 cubic meters and will be delivered to the affected regions in Turkey. This comes after the Turkish government requested international aid to assist those affected by the disaster.

The total value of the aid shipment is over 8 million lei. It was approved during a government meeting on March 15th in cooperation with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration. The aid demonstrates Moldova’s commitment to supporting its international partners during times of crisis and hardship.

As the aid convoy makes its way to Turkey, the Moldovan government expresses its solidarity with the people affected by the earthquakes and hopes that the aid will help alleviate their suffering.


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