Mihai Popsoi met with Brian Nelson, Undersecretary for Terrorism and Financial Intelligence

The USA is Moldova’s most important partner when it comes to sanctions, said Moldovan Deputy Prime Minister Popsoi. He is in Washington on a visit. 

“The United States represents Moldova’s most significant partner in the context of sanctions. I thanked Brian Nelson, an official from the US Treasury Department, for leading the way in sanctioning those who undermine Moldova’s democracy and independence. We are grateful for the support we receive from our American partners, which helps us to maintain our confidence and determination in the struggle against the propaganda, disinformation and hybrid attacks we face. I would like to express my confidence that this support will continue. We will closely monitor all those who want to undermine the Republic of Moldova. We remain united in our support for Ukraine and the Ukrainian people in Russia’s unjust and unjustified war on our Ukrainian friends,” Mihai Popsoi wrote on his Facebook page.


Today, Foreign Minister Mihai Popsoi met in Washington with Michael Lawler and Deborah K. Ross, co-chairs of the Moldova Caucus of the US Congress.

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