Mihai Popsoi: “We have the best relations with Romania in the history of Moldova’s Independence”

Moldova’s relations with Romania and Ukraine have improved, says Mihai Popsoi. According to him, cooperation is currently the best in the history of our country after the Declaration of Independence.

The foreign minister told the “Good Evening” program on Moldova 1 that there were times when our country was isolated, and the authorities did not visit neighboring countries.

“With Romania, we have the best relations in the history of Moldova’s independence, but we remember that not so long ago, we had a period of total isolation of the Republic of Moldova (…)That period of sad fame is over. We have turned that page and hope so much never to return to such a shameful past. 


Romania remains unrivaled in this respect at all levels, starting with the head of state, the prime minister, the leadership of the Parliament, the Romanian MEPs, especially Mr. Siegfried Muresan. They have always been close to Moldova. They have always helped us both in Brussels and other European capitals and bilaterally,” said Popsoi.

The head of diplomacy in Chisinau also spoke about Romania’s support, mentioning the kindergarten’s repair and the resources provision for school buses. In his opinion, every citizen of Moldova felt the support from across the Prut.

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