Mileştii Mici – Home to the World’s Largest Wine Collection and Vinicultural Tourism Marvel

The Republic of Moldova has obtained the title of ‘the country with open gates in the wine paradise’ because wine production is the main occupation of Moldovans. Anyone who enters here is welcome.

Far beyond the borders of the republic, the production of the ‘MILEŞTII MICI’ Quality Wine Combine is well known, appreciated, and loved, being the oldest place for storing the ‘sacred drink’. A place that preserves the wonder of Mileștii Mici.

Guinness World Records

The “Mileştii Mici” Wine Company has a wine collection that has earned the enterprise fame in the domestic market and on the international wine arena.

In August 2005, the “Golden Collection” of Mileştii Mici was recognized by the Guinness World Records as the largest wine collection in the world, comprising approximately 1.5 million bottles. In the same year, it was declared by the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova as the “Cultural-National Heritage of the Republic of Moldova.”

So, the collection wines under the trademark “Mileştii Mici” are exceptional, with the oldest one dating back to 1972.

The history of the Mileştii Mici winery

The history of the Mileştii Mici winery begins with an old stone mine located just 20 km from the city of Chișinău, the capital of the Republic of Moldova.

The extraction of limestone deposits from approximately 200 km of underground galleries created ideal conditions for the long-term storage of wines – with a relative humidity of 85-95% and a constant temperature of 12-14°C. This gave rise to the idea of creating a wine aging space at depths of 40-80 meters underground. In the 1970s, immense oak barrels were assembled, in which carefully selected wines from the best vineyards of our country were stored.

Currently, the Mileştii Mici winery specializes in the production, storage, and sale of wines. A rapidly developing branch in the last 15 years is wine tourism, which is due to the large influx of tourists visiting us every day.


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