Minister Nosatîi: Intentional targeting something on our territory, is an act of war

There are no direct military risks to the Republic of Moldova. The assurances are given by the Minister of Defense, Anatolie Nosatîi. According to the official, the scenario of our country’s involvement in the war is increasingly unlikely, and to induce a state of tension in society, internal and external forces that serve Russia’s interests use disinformation and propaganda. The minister says that the Republic of Moldova has very old anti-aircraft systems, the modernization of which requires colossal investments, notes

Yesterday’s announcement regarding the cruise missiles launched from the Black Sea that would have flown over the airspace of the Republic of Moldova is a false one, a fact confirmed by national experts as well as by the country’s external partners. This is what the Minister of Defense, Anatolie Nosatîi, says, according to which disinformation is an element of the hybrid war used by Russia against the Republic of Moldova.

“The possibility of military aggression is becoming less and less likely. That is why someone is trying to destabilize the situation using other methods such as disinformation, and fake news, to discredit the leadership of the country and bring tension in the society. It’s about forces from here and from outside. There is no imminent danger of military confrontation or military aggression. If someone intentionally targets something on our territory, then it will definitely be an act of war. But, for now, we only see the collateral effects of the war in Ukraine”, said Anatolie Nosatîi in the “Shadow Cabinet” show on JurnalTV.


According to the Minister of Defense, currently, the Republic of Moldova does not have the funds to procure a modern anti-aircraft system, but it is possible to improve the airspace monitoring system to inform the population about potential dangers.

“Violation of airspace can lead to air traffic incidents. Missile fragments falling on the territory of our country can even cause human losses, which no one wants, especially us. We want peace, security, and in no case direct involvement in the war. The National Army was previously quite equipped, 30 years ago, in the field of anti-aircraft defense. But if maintenance is not invested in, this technique becomes useless. The anti-aircraft system can be in service for 20-25 years, and the price of upgrading the anti-aircraft system is very high, about the same as in the case of procuring a new system. The system is composed of the monitoring part i.e. radars and the interception part which can be created from missiles or aviation and has the same function of not allowing missiles, or planes to enter our airspace. Now we propose to improve the surveillance of the airspace, which would allow us to monitor the situation and timely inform the population about possible dangers”, the Minister of Defense also said.

According to the Minister of Defense, a medium-range anti-aircraft defense complex of 40-50 kilometers costs approximately 80 million euros. And a more sophisticated anti-aircraft complex like Patriot or S-400 costs about one billion euros.

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