People are afraid of bombings! An increased flow of border crossings was recorded at Palanca

At PTF Palanca in the direction of entry, an increased flow of people displaced from Ukraine was recorded today, due to the aggressive bombing of the Russian Federation in the area.

According to the MAI, around 60 pedestrians showed up today at PTF Palanca, trying to escape the warpath.

“The vast majority are women and children from Mariupol, who retreated in the first stage of the war to the Zaporizhia region, now being forced to leave this area as well. The responsible authorities have completed all the necessary formalities so that the people seeking shelter can benefit from all the support to be able to settle or cross the countries where the Russian bombs do not endanger them”.


In this sense, the Contingency Plan of the Ministry of Internal Affairs on needs and threats, related to refugees, was implemented.
“The Ministry of Internal Affairs is prepared to manage a new wave of refugees, in case the number of requests to enter the Republic of Moldova from Ukraine will increase. The vast majority of people who entered the Republic of Moldova through PTF Palanca will transit our country and move to Romania”.

Officials say that the Border Police of the Republic of Moldova has already notified their counterparts in Romania about the group of refugees.

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