Ministry of Agriculture advocates the export of apples to Egypt

Moldova intends to export apples to Egypt. For this purpose, the head of the Ministry of Agriculture, Vladimir Bolea, together with the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Nicu Popescu, will go to Cairo.

“Our apples will do well. We don’t have a trade agreement and we have to sign it. We are determined to diversify the markets for Moldovan goods”, said Bolea on the “Territoriului Libertății” show on RLIVE TV.

According to him, after the embargo imposed by Russia, local producers immediately reoriented to other markets, especially to the EU.


“It’s total nonsense that our products are not up to their standards. People live there, consumers, who buy expensive, large, high-calorie products. It all depends on the price and the sales approach. Even if I give 3.5 lei for apples, it’s better than giving them for juice or throwing them away,” said the minister.

Regarding the restrictions imposed by Russia on agricultural products, Vladimir Bolea said that the National Agency for Food Safety is conducting an investigation in the country on this issue.

“They have to study each case. The ban affected 31 districts, but not Dubăsari, where seven cases of infection were detected. Therefore, questions arise,” he concluded.

Vladimir Bolea also said that a Rosselhoznadzor delegation should arrive in Moldova by the end of August.

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