Ministry of Energy Announces Moldova’s Winter Preparedness with Stable Prices

In a recent press conference, the Ministry of Energy affirmed Moldova’s preparedness for the winter season. Minister Victor Parlicov assured citizens of uninterrupted access to electricity, heating, and gas at stable prices. Gas reserves are deemed sufficient until the end of February, providing a sense of security.

Key Points:

  • Gas Reserves and Security: Minister Parlicov reassured the public about ample gas reserves, anticipating needs until late February, and possibly beyond. Long-term contracts with the Moldovan Thermal Power Plant ensure stable prices and supply security.
  • Termoelectrica Operations and Compensations: Termoelectrica will operate coal-free this season, with reserves available for contingencies. Compensation mechanisms remain in effect, including increased compensations for various fuels.
  • Gas Reserves and Strategic Purchases: Moldova stored over 650 million cubic meters of natural gas in October, with strategic purchases made in advance and stored in depots in Romania and Ukraine.
  • Pricing and Power Procurement: Residential gas tariffs stand at 18.06 lei per cubic meter, with Energocom securing the majority of electricity needs from the Cuciurgan Power Plant at a consistent $66 per megawatt-hour until 2024.

In urging citizens to conserve energy, Minister Parlicov emphasized not only reduced bills but also contributions to global commitments. Moldova’s proactive approach to strategic purchases and diversified storage ensures energy security amid market uncertainties.


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