Ministry of Energy: In 2029, consumers can choose other types of electricity tariffs rather than regulated prices

In an exclusive interview for MoldovaLive, Energy Minister Victor Parlicov said that in 2029, consumers from Moldova will be able to choose other types of electricity tariffs rather than regulated prices.

“The Ministry has made considerable efforts to diversify the suppliers active on the market and to liberalize the markets by implementing energy packages 2 and 3, which have been recognized at the European level and even overseas.

Thus, if we talk about the electricity market, this year the electricity market operator, OPEM, a subsidiary of OPCOM in Romania, with more than 20 years of experience, will start its activities. Synchronization with ENTSO-E, and securing natural gas supplies from sources other than Gazprom, have ensured energy security and allowed us to focus on developing the sector in the medium and long term.

This means that gradually – gradually – more suppliers will appear on the market, with more different price offers. We can even have a functioning market modeled on the developed markets in the world, where consumers will have different types of tariffs, not at the price regulated, different suppliers, negotiating, offering additional services, so, all that you want,” Parlicov stressed.


The Ministry of Energy is confident that from 2029, consumers will be able to choose other types of tariffs rather than regulated prices.

“In a free market, the role of the consumer will be more important. The consumer will have more possibilities, but will also be able to take more risks. So he will be able to stay in the regulated market, but if he wants to leave the free market, he will have more options and risks, and we have to explain this to consumers. In other words, in the end, I am sure that we will reach a mature market, and by 2029 we aim for the electricity and gas market in the Republic of Moldova to be integrated into the European energy market through the Romanian market.

Every crisis is an opportunity for development. For example, the successful management of the energy crisis caused by Russia, which has led to unprecedented energy price increases in Europe and for consumers in the Republic of Moldova, allowed us to overcome several barriers that previously held back the sector’s development and made possible Russia’s energy and political blackmail of the country,” he said.

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