Mircea Geoană: Enhancing Moldova’s Resilience with NATO and EU Partnership

The Republic of Moldova is a common partner of NATO and the EU, stated the Deputy Secretary-General of the North Atlantic Alliance, Mircea Geoană. The official declared that by consolidating the partnership and identifying concrete projects, a safer and more prosperous future can be ensured for the Republic of Moldova and the entire region.

“Together, in a complementary manner, we will continue to work towards strengthening the societal resilience of the Republic of Moldova, supporting its European integration.”

The statements were made on the sidelines of a meeting with the ambassadors of the Republic of Moldova accredited to NATO and the EU, Viorel Cibotaru and Daniela Morari, respectively, and the Secretary-General of the European External Action Service, Stefano Sannino.

Earlier, during a visit to Brussels, Prime Minister Dorin Recean emphasized that thanks to development partners, including NATO, the Republic of Moldova manages to enhance the resilience of society and institutions, as well as defense capabilities.

The Republic of Moldova’s initial contacts with the North Atlantic Alliance were established after the country declared independence, and cooperation strengthened particularly after the conclusion of the Transnistria War. Over the course of more than three decades of independence, the Republic of Moldova has been supported by NATO countries to address threats from the Russian Federation and to modernize the country’s military system.

The assistance from allies has been provided to our country without imposing a renunciation of neutrality, a principle enshrined in the constitution.


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