– the first platform for promoting local artists of Moldova

The first online platform for promoting cultural actors was launched in the Republic of Moldova. It will promote Moldovan artists both nationally and internationally, will connect them with other international artists, and will also provide a space for communication for people of culture, without borders, according to a press release from the Ministry of Culture, quoted by IPN.

The platform is a valuable database for cultural actors that will synchronize their artistic and educational programs through an online agenda and is part of the MoldArte project, which involves organizing online debates and meetings, workshops and exchanges of experience between participants from the Republic Moldova and those in the partner countries, such as Romania, Austria and Germany.

Within the project, six research materials will be developed, which will cover relevant topics that will be publicly debated with invited specialists. The materials will be part of the media section of the platform and will be distributed as podcasts. The program will also include documentary visits by invited EU experts, curators, gallery owners, directors of institutions, who will meet with experts from the Republic of Moldova to develop cross-border projects.

“Thanks to the activities of the project, there will be a better international visibility of the independent cultural sector in the Republic of Moldova, we will be able to support the development of this sector and make better heard the voice of cultural actors in relations with the authorities,” said the president of the Romanian Cultural Institute, Liviu Sebastian Jicman, at the launch event of the platform.

The Minister of Culture, Sergiu Prodan, also mentioned the importance of the project for the development of national culture. “Any investment in culture in the Republic of Moldova is an investment in Romanian culture. Both the debates that will take place and the conclusions that will be reached are important for the Ministry of Culture, will help us to synchronize the policies and to mobilize the resources that we have, to highlight the artistic and cultural potential that the country has and to we connect it to the general human, European culture, through the Romanian culture “, the official underlined.

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The MoldArte project is funded by the European Union of National Institutes of Culture through the European Spaces for Culture program and organized by the Romanian Cultural Institute in collaboration with the Goethe Institute in Bucharest, the Austrian Embassy in Moldova and the European Union Delegation in Moldova.

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