Moldova: A Global Home – Foreigners Share Stories of Integration and Purpose

They have found their second home in the Republic of Moldova. We are talking about twenty thousand foreigners with permanent or temporary residence rights. Many have started families, launched businesses, and have not forgotten to learn the Romanian language. On International Migrants’ Day, we present the stories of three foreign citizens who say they have found their purpose in life in the Republic of Moldova.

“I was born in Turkey, but I grew up in Moldova. If I go to Turkey for a vacation for two weeks, I try to return to Moldova because it is an emotion to come back here.”

Burak Kahraman, 28, came to Moldova in 2013 to continue his studies at “Alecu Russo” State University in Bălți. He says he liked the people here so much that he decided to stay in the Republic of Moldova. He first worked as a translator in a company in Bălți, and because he managed to learn Romanian perfectly, he was promoted.

Burak Kahraman, Turkish citizen: “I am proud of myself because wherever I go, everyone says, ‘Look, we have so many foreigners, but they don’t know the official language.’ For me, Moldova is a second home.”

Bartosz Gawarecki, a volunteer from the USA, has been living in the Republic of Moldova for eight years. During this time, he has been involved in volunteering and charity actions.

Bartosz Gawarecki, volunteer, USA: “I was 22, and I was looking for a new experience. I lived in Michigan, USA. And I wanted to live in another country and be useful. We help not only Ukrainian refugees but also vulnerable Moldovans not only from Bălți but also from the entire northern Moldova”.

Courtney Jackson, also a volunteer from the USA, returned to Moldova in May 2022 to help with the Ukrainian refugee crisis. Courtney Jackson, volunteer, USA: “For me, the Republic of Moldova is a second home, and I wanted to know how to be useful here.”

Mihail Vodă, head of the General Inspectorate for Migration, states, “Over 20,000 foreign citizens from dozens of countries around the world study, develop businesses, volunteer, work, or travel in the Republic of Moldova today. For others, who were driven out of their countries by gunfire, our homeland has become a refuge.”

Currently, citizens from 130 countries have found refuge in the Republic of Moldova. The majority are from Ukraine, the Russian Federation, and Israel. Total 20,534 migrants; Countries 130.


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