Moldova and EU Strengthen Trade Ties with Mutual Recognition of Authorized Economic Agents

Moldova and the European Union will mutually recognize authorized economic agents, following the approval of the bill for the ratification of the Decision of the Customs Sub-Committee between the Republic of Moldova and the European Union, adopted in Brussels in October 2022 by the Moldovan government.

The decision refers to the implementation of the Association Agreement between Moldova and the EU, particularly regarding the customs regime and trade facilitation chapter. According to the authorities, this will strengthen the cooperation between the customs authorities of both parties.

The mutual recognition of commercial partnership programs will contribute to improving security and facilitating the supply chain of goods between Moldova and the EU. Therefore, authorized economic agents will benefit from various advantages, such as reduced inspections, priority treatment during customs procedures, and priority during transport inspections, as reported by the Executive.


The measure will streamline the interaction and coordination between the customs authorities of the Republic of Moldova and the EU, within the joint efforts to secure borders and facilitate trade, according to the Cabinet of Ministers.

This decision is a significant step forward in strengthening the trade relationship between Moldova and the EU, and it will undoubtedly have a positive impact on businesses and consumers on both sides. By facilitating the movement of goods and reducing the administrative burden on companies, the mutual recognition of authorized economic agents will boost trade and investment, contributing to the economic growth and development of the Republic of Moldova.

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