“We are carefully studying all the circumstances”: the reaction of the Ukrainian Embassy in the Republic of Moldova to the incidents with the country’s flag

The Embassy of Ukraine in Moldova took note of the cases that occurred during the World Professional Latin American Dance Championship (WDSF PD World Championship Latin), as well as at the concert of the rap artist Noize MC.

“The Embassy of Ukraine in the Republic of Moldova is carefully studying all the circumstances of these incidents. If the facts of disrespect/insult to the State Flag of Ukraine are confirmed, the reaction will be decisive and unequivocal”, the Embassy of Ukraine in Moldova said in a press release.

On April 16, Chisinau hosted the WDSF World Professional Latin American Dance Championship. Ukrainian athlete Victoria Ursatiy and her partner Vladislav Ursatiy took the last place. According to the girl, the reason for the failure was the politically incorrect behavior of the organizers of the competition. She considers that the organizers of the event took an anti-Ukrainian position, forbidding the Ursatiy duet to go to the opening ceremony with the flag of their country.

Another incident occurred at a concert by rap artist Noize MC on April 22. The organizers of the performance of the Russian musician Noize MC in Chisinau ordered to ban the display of any flags. However, some spectators disobeyed and brought them to the concert venue. Violation of the regulations was recorded when a song in Ukrainian sounded from the stage. A fan of the musician Noize MC, who was wearing a blue and yellow T-shirt, unfurled the flag of Ukraine. The security responded quickly.

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