Moldova at the UN forum: The regional situation generates deep concerns

The State Secretary of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (MAEIE), Ruslan Bolbocean, expressed his concern about the deterioration of regional security. The main cause is the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine, in particular mentioning the military actions near some Ukrainian nuclear targets, such as the plants from Chernobyl and Zaparojie. Such concerns were expressed by the Moldovan official during the proceedings of the 10th Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) Implementation Evaluation Conference, organized by the UN.

Bolbocean said from the UN platform that these actions “generate deep concerns about nuclear and radiological security and endanger life and security in the region of our country and on the European continent.”

In the speech delivered at the opening of the conference, the Moldovan diplomat emphasized the importance of combining the efforts of the international community for the restoration of the international order based on rules and norms, the consolidation of international treaties and agreements in the field of non-proliferation, disarmament and arms control and their implementation by the states-parties to the treaty of the commitments assumed.


The Secretary of State stressed that “our common objective remains clear and unchanged – to promote a firm commitment by all NPT parties to fully comply with treaty obligations, which would create an enabling environment to reduce risks and promote international security.”

Also, the actions of the authorities in Chisinau to prevent the transfer and transit through our country of materials, technologies and nuclear components that can be used for the production of weapons of mass destruction were scored.

We specify that the NPT is a landmark international treaty signed by 191 states, the objective of which is to prevent the spread of nuclear weapons and the technology to produce weapons of mass destruction, as well as to promote cooperation in the peaceful use of nuclear energy, aiming at nuclear disarmament.

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