GIZ Experts visit the Parliament!

The needs to support the development of the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova were discussed during the working session of the General Secretary of the Legislature, Tamara Gheorghița, with the representatives of the German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ).

The Secretary General mentioned that the parliamentary institution is open to take over the successful practices of other countries, so that the Parliament would be closer to the citizens.

According to the Secretary General, greater attention should be paid to the following objectives: harmonizing legislation with the community acquis, improving the parliamentary control function, increasing the degree of transparency of the parliamentary institution, digitizing several operational processes, increasing the professional capacities of employees, as well as modernization of the equipment used in the activity.


Also, the parliamentary institution aims to strengthen its functional capacities to stimulate the institutional communication process and implement a series of projects aimed at encouraging citizens’ involvement in the decision-making process.

“In the conditions of the Republic of Moldova obtaining the status of a candidate country for EU accession, we must boost, through various instruments, the legislative procedures and related parliamentary activities. We are open to sharing our experience. We have planned for the beginning of next year to present our experience, in the chapter of exercising parliamentary control, to colleagues from the secretariats of the Parliaments of the Eastern Partnership countries”, said the Secretary General.

For their part, GIZ experts appreciated the progress made by the parliamentary institution to become more transparent, underlining the openness of GIZ to support parliamentary development in the Republic of Moldova.

After the discussions, GIZ experts made an information visit to the building of the parliamentary institution.

The Parliament of the Republic of Moldova participates in the implementation of the assistance project of the German International Cooperation Agency “Modern and strong parliamentary administration in the countries of the Eastern Partnership”, stage II.

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