“Moldova chooses Europe,” campaign in Leova. What do residents think about our country’s integration into the European family?

“Moldova is in Europe. It cannot be anywhere else!” or, “I think Moldova must be a neutral country. We must reach the level of the European Union and then be welcomed there with open arms. I am not against it, but we have to build it here at home”. These are the opinions of Leova residents when asked what they think about the EU and Moldova’s European integration.

“I have not been to Europe or Russia. Nobody gives you anything for free; you must work, and the country’s leadership must be good and on the right track. We want peace and understanding at home and in the country,” said a resident of Leova.

Moldovans hope that after EU accession, salaries in Moldova will no longer be so low, and foreign investors will look more courageously to our country, which means more jobs. Citizens also want to be able to study and travel as freely as possible in EU countries.


“I think the problem of nationalism and the financial problems will disappear. Employers in Europe pay people better. People find jobs more easily,” added one young man.

The Vox, which took place in the city of Leova, is part of the campaign launched by the REALITATEA Press Group: “Moldova chooses Europe,” where we go to cities across the country and talk to citizens about Moldova’s accession to the European Union.

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