Moldova Diversifies Gas Imports, Welcomes African Suppliers

According to the data from the National Agency for Energy Regulation (ANRE), the Republic of Moldova imported 12.7 thousand tons of liquefied gas in the first quarter of the year.

The imports of liquefied gas in the current year’s first quarter were sourced from multiple countries, but just like with diesel and gasoline, Romania remains the main supplier, accounting for 66.5% of the total volume. Additionally, in a first for the Republic of Moldova, liquefied gas was imported from countries such as France, accounting for 4.9%; Nigeria, accounting for 5.5%; Latvia, accounting for 4.8%; and the United States, accounting for 3.6%, as reported by

The average weighted import price of liquefied gas in January of the current year was $732.5 per ton or 13,961.00 Moldovan lei per ton. In March, the average weighted import price for a ton of liquefied gas was $727.00, which was 0.75% lower compared to January. In the Moldovan lei, the price amounted to 13,569.00 per ton, reflecting a 2.8% decrease compared to January.

Throughout the first quarter of 2023, the average weighted import prices for the main petroleum products and liquefied gas did not experience significant fluctuations, maintaining a stable level.


These statistics indicate the ongoing reliance on liquefied gas imports to meet the energy needs of the Republic of Moldova. The diversification of suppliers, with the inclusion of countries such as France, Nigeria, Latvia, and the United States, showcases efforts to broaden the sources of energy imports and reduce dependency on a single provider.

The stable prices of imported petroleum products and liquefied gas during this period bring a sense of stability and predictability to the energy market in the Republic of Moldova. However, it remains crucial for the country to continue exploring ways to enhance energy efficiency, develop renewable energy sources, and ensure a sustainable and secure energy future for its citizens.

As the year progresses, it will be interesting to observe any further developments in the energy sector and the Republic of Moldova’s efforts to diversify its energy mix while ensuring affordable and reliable energy supply.

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