Moldova joins the European Pillar of Social Rights

On the sidelines of his visit to Brussels, Minister of Labor and Social Protection of the Population Alexei Buzu signed the Declaration of Conformity with the European Pillar of Social Rights (EPSR) of the European Union. The EPSR is a non-binding set of social policy commitments made by EU Member States.

According to Buzu, it sets out 20 principles and rights. It aimed at maintaining fair and better-functioning labor markets, structured around three pillars: equal opportunity and access to the labor market, fair working conditions, social protection, and inclusion.

The core rights of EPSR are education, training and lifelong learning, gender equality, equal opportunities, employment support, safe and flexible jobs, the right to fair pay, protection in the event of dismissal, social dialogue, social protection, etc.

Buzu stressed that the Government intensifies efforts to promote equal opportunities and access to the labor market, fair working conditions, social protection, and integration.

“We will be guided by this principle to further promote reforms in the social sectors. Thus we will bring the labor market and our social security system in line with EU standards,” he said.

By joining the principles of the Pillar, the Republic of Moldova intends to link the social and labor rights of citizens to European standards based on fairness, decent working conditions, and guaranteed social protection of workers. At the same time, our country will be eligible for funding from the European Social Fund, which supports employment, education, social inclusion, and other social policy goals.

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