Moldova Expands Economic Opportunities, Attracts Investments, and Advances Innovation under Minister Alaiba’s Leadership

The Minister of Economy, Dumitru Alaiba, announced that last week work permits for 47 countries were eliminated, thereby opening new opportunities for Moldova’s economic sectors.

Among the positive investment news is the plan to build a new carpet factory in Ungheni with Dutch investments of 35 million euros, expected to generate at least 250 jobs.

Additionally, there are prospects for investments in robots designed for classrooms, and the BPO sector in Chișinău continues to grow, offering 150 well-paid jobs.

Together with Ambassador Janis Mazeiks and colleague Radu Marian, Minister Alaiba engaged with young entrepreneurs during an event dedicated to the Erasmus for Young Entrepreneurs program.

Furthermore, four entities in Cahul and Ungheni will receive non-repayable funding from the EU for the development of local businesses. During a visit to Hâncești, the minister discussed issues faced by over 50 entrepreneurs, as well as the necessary support for local producers.

It was also announced that permits and ANTA regulatory documents could be delivered directly to the door through the MDelivery service.

Simultaneously, preparations are underway for the Moldova Cybersecurity Forum 2024, considering the importance of enhancing resilience in the context of digitization.

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