Moldova suspends talks on Transnistria for the period of war in Ukraine

The 5+2 format of political negotiations on the settlement of the Transnistrian conflict, which has been put on hold since 2019, is officially not canceled, Deputy Prime Minister for Reintegration Oleg Serebrian told Radio Moldova.

According to him, returning to this political format is conditional on improving relations between Moscow and Kyiv.

” First of all, Tiraspol and Moscow have repeatedly considered that the right time has not yet reached the so-called package 3 (basket 3) of negotiations. Basically, from 2019, this format is put on hold. Firstly COVID, then the start of the war in Ukraine put it on ice for good. Until the war in Ukraine is over, we cannot talk about unfreezing it. As long as relations between Kyiv and Moscow are as they are, we cannot talk about thawing this negotiating format, which officially is not canceled, but is frozen,” the deputy prime minister said.

Oleg Serebrian also noted that maintaining dialogue, stability, and firmness in the process of gradual reintegration of the country remain priority actions for 2024.


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