The newly appointed Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mihai Popșoi, has unveiled his priorities in his new role

The continuation of dialogue and strategic partnership with Romania, the USA, Brussels, and Ukraine are among the priorities announced by the new Minister of Foreign Affairs, Mihai Popșoi. After taking the oath of office, the official emphasized the need to capitalize on all opportunities and means available to Moldova’s diplomacy.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs will strengthen political dialogue both with member countries and Brussels, thus assisting the minister responsible for European affairs (…) We need to be much more ambitious; we must capitalize on all the opportunities and means our diplomacy has, though young, it is professional, so as to contribute to improving the lives of our citizens both in the country and abroad by enhancing the geographic scope of our consular services.”

At the same time, Mihai Popșoi explained the role of the institution he leads, following the creation of the Bureau for European Affairs.

“The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Integration continues to exercise its mandate as it has done so far, only that the European integration component in the title of the Ministry is transformed into European affairs and will be taken over by Mrs. Gherasimov, while the Ministry continues its activities. The Bureau for European Affairs is to be created, but the Ministry remains as it was and continues to carry out its mandate to promote the foreign policy of the Republic of Moldova and defend the Republic of Moldova. There should be no duplications or overlaps; we have enough capacity and discernment to coordinate the processes in such a way that everything goes well.”

The official also addressed the contribution of diplomacy to the reintegration of the country.

“The contribution of our diplomacy to the reintegration of the Republic of Moldova has been and remains essential. We must ensure that all partner countries respect the territorial integrity of Moldova. This dialogue has been complicated, especially with some countries. Only one country, for 30 years, kept its army on the territory of the Republic of Moldova, thus violating the status of neutrality, and we must make sustained efforts to obtain respect for our neutrality, sovereignty, and independence from all international actors. I am confident that the diplomacy of the Republic of Moldova will contribute to this effort.”

Regarding Moldova’s position in communication with the Russian Federation, the new Foreign Minister stated that it is principled and based on national interest.


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