Moldova Gains Insights from Romania on EU VAT Legislation Integration

The Ministry of Finance has announced that a group of representatives from both the Ministry of Finance and the State Fiscal Service, who are actively involved in the process of aligning Moldova’s national legal framework with European Union (EU) standards, will be benefiting from Romania’s experience in transposing EU VAT legislation.

Over the course of three weeks, Adriana Nuțu, a senior advisor within the Directorate of Tax Legislation, Customs, and Accounting Regulations at the Ministry of Public Finance, will be sharing her expertise on the steps involved in transposing EU legislation. She will also be engaging in discussions with officials from the Ministry of Finance and the State Fiscal Service.

Adriana Nuțu’s expertise will encompass an analysis of the norms outlined in the EC Directive concerning the common VAT system. This analysis will focus on determining whether these norms should be incorporated into Moldova’s national legislation, drawing insights from Romania’s experience in this regard.

Adriana Nuțu’s mission commenced on September 11th at the Ministry of Finance, where she held discussions with key figures, including Veronica Sirețeanu, Chief of the Ministry, Petru Rotaru, Director of the State Fiscal Service, and Rosario de Blasio, a senior European adviser.

Veronica Sirețeanu emphasized the importance of this expertise, stating, “This is crucial for us, especially when it comes to reviewing all the national measures we will be implementing regarding VAT. This encompasses not only legislative aspects but also measures aimed at informing the public about upcoming changes.”

She also noted that this collaboration is in line with the Collaboration Agreement and Cooperation Plan between the Ministry of Finance of the Republic of Moldova and the Ministry of Public Finance of Romania.

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