“Moldova has gas until the end of October”. Vadim Ceban says what will happen next

For the month of October, the Republic of Moldova is provided with natural gas, said the president of “Moldovagaz”, Vadim Ceban, in the TV program “Mesager”.

“The volumes (n.r. – of gas) provided for the month of October are sufficient to supply all consumers with natural gas”.

According to Vadim Ceban, even if gas deliveries to the Republic of Moldova were reduced by 30%, due to hot weather and the savings made by consumers, in October all consumers will be provided with natural gas.


Regarding the month of October, the president of Moldovagaz mentioned that work is being done to obtain the necessary volumes of gas, as the heating period will also begin.

“Obviously, we are working to have the necessary volumes for the month of November as well, because the heating period is also to be initiated. We are concerned to pay the current consumption, to make the payments according to the contract. We are working together with the Government and Gazprom to fulfill these commitments and later to establish the necessary volumes for the month of November so that the country is provided with energy resources”, said Vadim Ceban.

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