Moldova is in danger! Greenhouse gases will suffocate the population

By 2100, the average temperature on the globe will increase by 3-4 degrees. It is about warming, which will obviously affect the Republic of Moldova and its ecosystems. Even if they are stopped, at present, greenhouse gas emissions have a duration of action of 50-70 years, states Vasile Scorpan, the consultant on climate change, writes

According to the consultant, it is important to strive for a more moderate increase in global temperature, but this will not happen as a result of what is happening in the world.

“The Republic of Moldova has the Climate Change Adaptation Program until 2030, but also the agriculture adaptation strategy where there are 50-60 measures for farmers,” says Scorpan.

Environmentalists claim that small and developing countries such as the Republic of Moldova have sided with those who suffer the most, because they are countries with minimal contribution to this greenhouse effect. For example, the contribution of the Republic of Moldova to the total amount of greenhouse gas reduction is between 0.028-0.04%. So, it is a minimal, insignificant contribution, but, on the other hand, the Republic of Moldova is a country that is exposed to the impact of climate conditions and, despite the different circumstances, is a very vulnerable one.

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“Climate change is expected to have higher speeds, agricultural droughts, ecological droughts, torrential rains, heat waves, unfortunately, will increase in magnitude, will become more frequent and the population of the Republic of Moldova must be aware of this issue, to increase climate resilience through various actions, water collection actions, water management and the introduction of agricultural practices that will be resilient to the impact of climate change, the adoption of technologies that promote energy autonomy “, says Ala Druță from the United Nations Development Program.

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