Moldova is the new president of the Global Medical Tourism Council

The Republic of Moldova, represented by the Medical Tourism Association, has been elected to hold the Presidency of the Global Medical Tourism Council (GHTC) for the next two years. The GHTC General Assembly made the decision.

Germany, Saudi Arabia and the Republic of Moldova were the three candidates. The last one got the majority of votes. The meeting was a resounding success, with representatives from more than 50 countries in attendance. Of these, 22 countries had voting rights.

“Our overarching commitment is to pursue expansion, innovation and accessibility. We want to create a global medical tourism system that is fair and sustainable. It’s also important to promote new medical technologies and treatments, and to support medical research,” said Natalia Ciobanu, president of the Moldovan Medical Tourism Association, in her manifesto.

According to Andrei Revenco, executive director of the Moldovan Medical Tourism Association, the position of president of the GHTC represents a significant opportunity to advance the promotion of medical tourism in Moldova and enhance the country’s international visibility. The Republic of Moldova has considerable potential in the medical tourism sector, which could catalyze economic growth.

The Republic of Moldova has medical fields for which it is attractive to foreign patients and internationally appreciated: dentistry, in vitro fertilization, plastic surgery and cardiology.


The Moldovan Medical Tourism Association has members from private clinics, travel agencies and medical tourism facilitators.

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