Moldova light years away from Romania in terms of digitalization?

The Romanian Minister of Digitization, Sebastian Burduja, stated that the Republic of Moldova is “light years ahead” of Romania in terms of the digitalization of state institutions and that it achieved this through a World Bank program that was implemented in 10 years, writes

Sebastian Burduja stated, on Saturday, at Digi24, that the Republic of Moldova is ahead of Estonia, from the point of view of digitalization of state institutions.

“Light years away (it is the Republic of Moldova, compared to Romania, from the point of view of the digitalization of the state – n.r.). It will surprise you, it is over Estonia and I don’t say it, the international evaluations say it. The solutions of our brothers across the Prut are superior to the Estonian ones,” declared Burduja.

The Minister of Digitalization explained that he made a visit to the Republic of Moldova to take the model from this country, in terms of digitalization.


“I was in Chisinau a month, a month and a half into my mandate, I signed a joint commission together with Deputy Prime Minister Iurie Turcanu, an exceptional man, a true specialist and a consummate professional. Through this joint commission, the Republic of Moldova will make available to us practically free of charge the solutions that they developed and took 10 years”, said Burduja.

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