Moldova might need a “larger alliance” in order to ensure its security

The Republic of Moldova is analyzing whether it can defend itself or if it might have to change its neutrality status, says the head of state, in an interview given to Politico. In Davos, the president spoke about the possible constitutional change, being approached by foreign journalists regarding the accession to NATO.

Asked about the potential accession to NATO, the head of state avoided pronouncing the name of the bloc, but spoke of “a bigger alliance”. She pointed out that such processes must be carried out democratically.

“Now there is a serious discussion about our ability to defend ourselves, whether we can do it alone or whether we should be part of a larger alliance. And if at some point we come to the conclusion as a nation that we need to change neutrality, that should happen through a democratic process,” Maia Sandu told Politico.

Although Moldova is not a member of NATO, it cooperates with the organization and contributes to the NATO-led peacekeeping force in Kosovo. Sandu, together with other leaders, met with the Secretary General of the Alliance, Jens Stoltenberg, in New York when the General Assembly of the United Nations was held, and Nicu Popescu participated in the Bucharest meeting of the heads of diplomacy in December member countries of the organization.


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