Moldova Relies on Romania’s Support to Begin EU Accession Negotiations by the End of the Year

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of Moldova, Nicu Popescu, stated that Moldova is counting on Romania’s support to initiate accession negotiations with the European Union (EU) by the end of this year. He made this declaration while welcoming Luminița Odobescu, the new Minister of Foreign Affairs of Romania, during her visit to Chisinau.

In her first visit to Chisinau as well as her first visit abroad since assuming office, Luminița Odobescu expressed Romania’s commitment to continue supporting Moldova in its progress towards EU membership.

“The course is clear. Our effort is a joint one. Romania is highly active and engaged in presenting these results [fulfillment of the European Commission’s conditions] and working together with European partners to achieve our objective of opening accession negotiations with Moldova by the end of the year,” stated Minister Odobescu.

She emphasized that the coming months are “particularly important” for Moldova’s European future and confirmed that Romania will prepare specialists from Chisinau for the opening of accession negotiations.


The close collaboration between Moldova and Romania in the EU integration process is not new. Romania has been a strong supporter of Moldova’s European aspirations, providing political, economic, and technical assistance to facilitate reforms and enhance the country’s alignment with EU standards.

During the meeting, Minister Popescu expressed his gratitude for Romania’s unwavering support and highlighted the significance of Romania’s expertise and guidance in the negotiation process. He acknowledged that Moldova’s path to EU accession requires concerted efforts, and Romania’s assistance will play a pivotal role.

The joint commitment of both countries toward Moldova’s European integration stems from their shared history, cultural ties, and geographical proximity. Romania’s experience as an EU member state and its successful journey toward EU accession in the past has positioned it as a valuable partner for Moldova.

As the Moldovan government continues to implement necessary reforms and address the European Commission’s conditions, the support and assistance provided by Romania will be crucial in ensuring progress and preparing Moldova for the eventual opening of accession negotiations.

The visit of Minister Odobescu to Chisinau signifies the ongoing cooperation and close relationship between Romania and Moldova, reinforcing the shared goal of Moldova’s integration into the European Union. With Romania’s continued support, Moldova is optimistic about its prospects for EU membership and remains committed to the necessary reforms that will strengthen its candidacy.

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