Castel Mimi Team Receives Prestigious Honor from President Sandu for Outstanding Efforts in Hosting the EPC SUMMIT

Over the weekend, the Castel Mimi team received remarkable recognition as President Maia Sandu awarded them a Diploma of Honor for their outstanding efforts in organizing a significant event. Each member of the Castel Mimi team will receive a copy of this diploma during the week, acknowledging their dedication and involvement.

The team, consisting of 200 individuals, worked tirelessly to ensure the satisfaction of over 2,175 guests from 49 countries who visited Castel Mimi. Their mission was accomplished, bringing immeasurable value to Castel Mimi and the entire country by showcasing Moldovans’ hospitality.

With a history spanning 130 years, Castel Mimi has become a symbol of excellence in Moldova’s wine industry in the past decade. From its origins as a fading Soviet winery, Castel Mimi has been reborn and recognized as one of the most beautiful and impressive castles in the world. The Telegraph has dubbed it the “Versailles of Moldova,” its presence in the list of the world’s most stunning wineries confirms the quality and beauty of this remarkable place.

The history of Castel Mimi began with the vision of Constantin Mimi, who graduated from the prestigious Superior School of Agronomy in Montpellier, France. Inspired by his experiences in the Bordeaux region, he decided to construct an authentic French-style winery in Bessarabia. In 1893, construction began on the winery in Bulboaca, employing innovative techniques for that time, such as reinforced concrete and walls one and a half meters thick, which still stand today, housing record quantities of wine barrels. Constantin Mimi introduced French grape varieties to Bessarabia, contributing to the international recognition of Moldovan wines’ quality.

After its heyday in the 1980s, when the Bulboaca winery produced nine million bottles of wine per month, Castel Mimi faced challenging times and went bankrupt in the late 1990s. Through the determined efforts of the Trofim family, the current owners, the winery was revived and focused on producing premium spirits and wines.

Adrian Trofim, CEO of Castel Mimi, stated, “The decision to rediscover the old castle building, hidden beneath a ten-centimeter layer of plaster, was made by the entire Trofim family after conducting extensive research on Constantin Mimi’s life and activities in the archives of Chisinau, Bender, Saint Petersburg, and several European cities.”


The restoration and reconstruction of Castel Mimi began in 2011, in collaboration with Italian architect Arnaldo Tranti. The work lasted several years and included archival analysis and interviews with elderly village residents to restore the castle’s façade to its original appearance.

Today, Castel Mimi impresses visitors with its beauty and grandeur, covering a six-hectare area with a museum, an art gallery, a hotel, luxury bungalows, event halls, and a restaurant. The entire estate is surrounded by picturesque landscapes, adorned with over five thousand trees and shrubs.

Castel Mimi is a popular tourist destination and a modern wine producer. With approximately 1,000 barrels and an expandable capacity of up to 3,000 barrels, the winery produces over 500,000 bottles of wine annually, which are exported to 18 countries worldwide. Castel Mimi wines have earned 206 medals at prestigious international wine competitions, solidifying its reputation as an exceptional producer.

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