Moldova-Russia Relations Hinge on Moscow’s Policy Reassessment, claims Analyst Anatol Țăranu

The relations between the Republic of Moldova and the Russian Federation will not change until Moscow revises its policies in the former Soviet space, says political analyst Anatol Țăranu. According to him, bilateral relations need improvement but not at the expense of national interests, writes Radio Moldova.

“We believe that under the current administration, the Russian Federation will continue to claim the so-called ‘russkii mir,’ and it is unlikely that the Moldovan-Russian relationship will change. Of course, unless a pro-Russian, anti-European force comes to power in the Republic of Moldova, ready to promote policies detrimental to our national interests. I hope this will not happen, and Moldova is waiting for the moment when the Russian Federation will reconsider its policies, leading to an improvement in Moldovan-Russian bilateral relations,” stated Anatol Țăranu.


Previously, the Minister of Foreign Affairs and European Integration, Nicu Popescu, stated that “political relations with the Russian Federation are mostly affected by Moscow’s hostile policies towards Chisinau.”

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