“The benefits of the New Customs Code will be felt after a more extended period,” says Customs Control Chief Iurco

The advantages of the new provisions of the Customs Code will be experienced by economic agents after a more extended period of implementation, stated Igor Iurco, Head of the Customs Control Section at the Customs Service. At the same time, he mentions that the non-taxable limits at the state border for individuals remain unchanged.

“Economic agents will quickly adapt to the new provisions. Regarding individuals, I would like to say that there have not been significant changes. The non-taxable limits for crossing the state border remain the same, at 300 euros by road, 430 by sea, or air. A new form has been introduced for traveler declarations and a new form for the declaration of currency introduced or taken out by individuals. We are in a transition procedure, 8-9 years for adjusting informational systems,” stated Igor Iurco.


It is worth noting that, starting from January 1, the new Customs Code of the Republic of Moldova came into effect, aiming to standardize and harmonize the national customs legislation with that of the European Union.

Among the benefits and innovations of the new customs legislation are the elimination of fees for customs procedures and the deferral of customs duty payments. Additionally, customs clearance costs and time will be reduced, and the validation of export customs declarations will be automatic.

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