Moldova stands firm against Russian interference, says PM Recean

Moldova’s Prime Minister, Dorin Recean, has declared that his country is an independent and sovereign state and that Russia should not dictate its actions. He stated that there is a list of Russian citizens declared unwanted in Moldova, including Russian President Vladimir Putin and businessman Igor Ceaika. Recean assures that state institutions will not allow foreign individuals who promote war to enter the country, according to

Recean affirmed that the list of banned individuals is not public, but its mechanism is efficient, and those who wish to promote military aggression are turned away. He further stated that Moldova is an independent and sovereign country, and anyone who does not respect the choice of the people will not be permitted to enter. Recean made a call to media institutions to inform society about the true intentions of those who, under the guise of courtesy visits, seek to destabilize the situation in Moldova.


The Prime Minister also suggested that the banned list includes Russian singer, Filip Kirkorov, and other Russian artists who have promoted pro-war rhetoric. He said that even those who call themselves cultural figures but try to promote the war agenda and get involved in Moldova’s politics will not be allowed to enter. Recean emphasized that it is essential for the government and the press to explain who Kirkorov is and why he is toxic.

Recean’s comments come after Rustam Minnihanov, the President of Tatarstan, was recently denied access to Moldova. He was supposed to participate in the first international congress of people’s diplomacy, “Friendship of Peoples 2023,” held in Comrat. Border police representatives stated that it is unacceptable to interfere in the internal affairs of Moldova, especially in the context of the elections in Gagauzia.

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