Moldova to Benefit from Preferential Credit of €86 million from Japan

The Government of Japan, through the Japanese International Cooperation Agency (JICA), has extended a preferential credit worth 13.5 billion Japanese yen (over 90 million euros) to the Republic of Moldova. The ratification of agreements to facilitate this financial support was examined during sessions of the Economy, Budget, and Finance Committee and the Foreign Policy and European Integration Committee.

The financial resources will be utilized to cover the country’s budget deficit and to support political and institutional reforms in the Republic of Moldova. Particularly, the funds aim to bolster the economic recovery of our nation and improve the healthcare system and business environment.

These agreements also entail specific conditions that the Republic of Moldova must adhere to, some of which are aimed at enhancing the healthcare system and promoting small and medium-sized enterprises.


The loan will have a repayment period of 40 years, including a grace period of ten years. The financial resources will be disbursed over a two-year period, starting from the date of agreement signing.

The projects are set to be ratified during a plenary session of the Parliament.

The financial support provided by the Government of Japan represents a significant step towards bolstering Moldova’s economic and social development. By addressing the budget deficit and implementing crucial reforms, the credit will play a vital role in strengthening the country’s overall resilience and stability.

Moreover, the focus on improving the healthcare system and supporting small and medium-sized businesses will contribute to enhancing the well-being of Moldovan citizens and fostering economic growth.

The Republic of Moldova is deeply grateful for Japan’s continued commitment to cooperation and support. The preferential credit comes at a pivotal time for the nation, as it works towards overcoming economic challenges and implementing much-needed reforms.

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