Moldova will be next: ex-CIA chief on what will happen if Putin wins in Ukraine

If Putin wins in Ukraine, Moldova will be next. The former head of the CIA, David Petraeus, stated that.

“If Russia wins, if Putin manages to achieve his big goal in Ukraine, he will not stop there. The next target will be Moldova, perhaps one of the Baltic States or other countries. Henry Kissinger said before he died that NATO’s line of defense is now on the border between Ukraine and Russia, and I completely agree,” he explained.

He also mentioned the blocking of funding for Ukraine in the US Congress.

“There’s a strong bipartisan majority in the Senate and a significant one in the House of Representatives that want to approve aid to Ukraine. But the dynamics in the House of Representatives make it difficult. I think it will be resolved. The question is, “when?” How long can the situation in Ukraine continue before we can restart the engines with a significant amount of money on hand – $44 billion? That’s not trivial, but it’s also very affordable. Take into account that this is over two years, with our defense budget being $1.7 trillion. This must be a matter of ‘good versus evil’ as much as possible,” the former head of the US intelligence services added.


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