Moldovan ambassador to the USA: America makes every effort to prevent the destabilization of Moldova and supports our country’s pro-European course

The United States of America supports Moldova on the path of European integration and makes every effort to prevent Moldova’s destabilization. This was stated by Moldovan Ambassador to the USA Viorel Ursu in the program “Realitatea te priveste” on Rlive.

The politician stressed that at the moment, the USA has already introduced three packages of sanctions against individuals who could destabilize the situation in Moldova.

“The first package of sanctions included Moldovan citizens who wanted to destabilize the situation in the country. It included individuals such as Ilan Shor, well-known in the public space. The second package of sanctions included individuals from Russia who trained protesters to provoke violence in the streets, thus destabilizing the situation in Moldova.

The third package of sanctions included Ms. Tauber, an active agent of Shor’s team. The biggest support we have received is the exchange of important information and the imposition of sanctions against the persons Russia uses to destabilize Moldova,” Ursu stressed.


The ambassador specified that even though some politicians are trying to circumvent the sanctions imposed by America, these sanctions have considerably reduced the possibility of these politicians destabilizing the situation in Moldova.

“First, these sanctions narrow the range of countries these politicians can travel to. We are talking not only about a ban on entry to the United States. In this list are also many countries in Europe joined the sanctions. Secondly, these sanctions do not allow politicians to conduct currency transactions with U.S. banks. In addition, these individuals cannot conduct currency transactions in dollars and other banks worldwide that cooperate with America,” said Viorel Ursu.

Besides, he emphasized that the USA supports Moldova’s accession to the European Union in every possible way.

“The European Union has clear rules for moving from one stage to another. The USA supports Moldova’s pro-European course and helps Moldova to improve those areas in the country that need to be brought to European standards, especially in the justice sector. A good justice will also positively impact the attraction of investors from America to Moldova,” the Moldovan Ambassador to the USA said.

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