Photo: The Chisinau City Hall has signed a Cooperation Agreement with a charity centre for refugees

On March 21, Chisinau City Hall signed a Cooperation Agreement with A.O. Charity Center for Refugees. Representatives say that the municipality has a beautiful collaboration with the Refugee Charity Centre, the common goal being to help people who have suffered for various reasons in their country of origin and have taken refuge in our country.

“The assistance provided by our partners with refugee aid has been beneficial in supporting refugees in Ukraine, for which I express my gratitude. Together, we have successfully integrated many refugees into Moldovan society, providing them with necessary medical, legal, and social assistance, as well as support for employment and the education of their children,” said the Mayor General, Ion Ceban.

The municipality has announced that Ukrainian refugee students from four schools in Chisinau and one in Comrat will receive free Romanian language courses, based on the results of a pilot project.


“These schools include the ‘Chekhov’ Theoretical High School, ‘Gogol’ Theoretical High School, ‘Lomonosov’ Theoretical High School, ‘Shevchenko’ Gymnasium, and the ‘D. Mavrodi’ Theoretical High School in Comrat municipality. The Charity Centre for Refugees is also a partner of the Chisinau City Hall in this case,” the City Council release states.

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