Moldovan citizens will receive reimbursed medicines and medical devices by electronic prescription

The authorities have launched the electronic system for prescribing and dispensing compensated medicines and medical devices – ePrescription. Patients prescribed compensated medicines can now present their IDs at the pharmacy, to pick them up. Minister of Health Ala Nemerenco highlighted in a press conference that the introduction of electronic prescriptions aims to alleviate the burden on the healthcare system and patients.

Nemerenco emphasized that the ePrescription system empowers family doctors and other specialists to prescribe compensated medicines and devices. This includes doctors from emergency admissions units, those in the palliative care system, and various other fields. By digitizing the prescription process, the ePrescription system mitigates potential fraud, associated with prescribing compensated medicines and devices.

“We recognize the shortage of doctors in many localities. Therefore, the ePrescription system replaces the need for unnecessary visits from doctor to doctor. Patients often sought consultations from specialists, even at national institutions in Chisinau, who were not authorized to prescribe medicines. This resulted in unnecessary trips to their localities or villages for prescriptions, many of which have now been eliminated,” said Nemerenco.


Ion Dodon, the director general of the National Health Insurance Company (NHIC), reported that on the system’s launch day, approximately 1,300 patients availed themselves of compensated medicines and medical devices through ePrescription. Over 3,000 compensated medicines and medical devices were dispensed. Patients also have the option to designate a representative to collect medicines on their behalf, providing the doctor with the designated person’s code.

“The development of this system aims to enhance the quality of medical services and provide convenience for both patients and healthcare providers, while also ensuring more effective management of public funds,” added Dodon.

The ePrescription system underwent a year-long development process. Between October 2023 and March 2024, NHIC organized training seminars for doctors and pharmacists to familiarize them with the application of the ePrescription system. Only doctors and pharmacists authorized to prescribe and dispense compensated pharmaceutical products are encouraged to utilize the platform for accessing the system.

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