Moldovan Education Minister came to Comrat without notice: reaction of the Bashkan of Gagauzia

Governor of Gagauzia seems to be angry with Education Minister Dan Perciun after his visit to Comrat. Evghenia Gutul claims that she was not informed about the minister’s trip to the region.

Perciun went into autonomy on 15 February. According to the Ministry of Education, the head of the institution visited the university in Comrat and the “Mihai Eminescu” high school in the city, as well as discussed with teachers, including Romanian language teachers, in the autonomy.

During his meetings, Perciun talked about investing in universities, equipping them with equipment and infrastructure, but also about increasing the competitiveness of higher education institutions. Governor Evghenia Gutul, however, believes that the visit of the government official contravenes the law on the status of Gagauzia.


“Dan Perciun considers it normal to violate the Law on the Special Legal Status of Gagauzia and plans meetings and sittings in Comrat without our participation. I am convinced that the PAS strategy of cutting autonomy and ignoring the Bashkan, the Executive Committee, and the People’s Assembly is wrong and dangerous. Through his actions, Perciun discredits the Ministry of Education and Research and undermines the trust of Gagauz’s inhabitants in the central power,” Gutul reacted to the minister’s visit.

Even though Gutul claims that his team was not informed and did not participate in the meetings, according to Nokta, on the photos taken during Perciun’s visit to Comrat, published by the Ministry of Education, the first deputy governor of the autonomy, Ilie Uzun, can be seen.

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