USMP “Nicolae Testemitanu” is the only higher education institution in Moldova to be listed in SCIMAGO Institutions Rankings 2023

The State University of Medicine and Pharmacy “Nicolae Testemitanu” in the Republic of Moldova stands out as the sole higher education institution from the country listed in the prestigious SCImago Institutions Rankings 2023. Globally, the institution holds the 3898th position among 4533 higher education institutions, while regionally, it secures the 324th spot among 439 Eastern European universities featured in the rankings.

One of USMP “Nicolae Testemitanu’s” standout achievements lies in the field of pulmonary and respiratory medicine, where it claims the 1262nd position globally and the impressive 22nd rank among Eastern European institutions.

SCImago is renowned for its comprehensive assessment of higher education and research institutions, utilizing a composite indicator that amalgamates three critical sets of metrics: research performance (50%), innovation outcomes (30%), and societal impact (20%), gauged through their online visibility.


In the broader SCImago ranking, USMP “Nicolae Testemitanu” holds the 7566th spot globally among 8433 institutions. Within Eastern Europe, it secures the 553rd position among 803 institutions listed, firmly establishing itself as the second-highest-ranked institution nationally, following the Academy of Sciences of Moldova.

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