Moldovan filling stations are running out of fuel!

At least 100 petrol stations in the Republic of Moldova no longer have diesel in stock, according to Of these, about 20 are in the capital, and their number could increase.

The war in Ukraine has caused problems with the import of petroleum products into our country. Most networks do not have their own vehicles for transporting fuel and use transport companies, which deliver it from refineries to local depots.

The first cause of the problem is the customs duties. Due to the flow of transport from the border and the problems of customs infrastructure across the Prut, it is possible to run once every 10 days. Reality has previously written about the problem of drivers spending up to five days to reach customs control, and the Moldovan and Romanian authorities are waiting for a green light from the EU in order to carry out joint checks.

Another problem concerns the port of Giurgiulesti, where a large part of the imported fuel was brought. AutoBlog sources claim that currently the fuel coming on ships is mostly delivered to Ukraine and only a small part reaches the economic agents from the Republic of Moldova. Ukrainian companies pay a better price in the context of current transportation conditions.

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The third cause is the lack of units transporting fuel to local landfills. Domestic companies prefer to take orders from Ukraine and deliver service at higher rates, thus creating a shortage of trucks and tanks that ensure the transport of fuel to the Republic of Moldova.

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