Moldovan Foreign Ministry confirms: Moldovan citizen detained at protest in Georgia

The Moldovan Foreign Ministry has confirmed that Georgian authorities detained a Moldovan citizen at a protest in Tbilisi.

“Our diplomatic mission maintains constant contact with the Georgian authorities and is taking all necessary actions,” stated the Moldovan Foreign Ministry.

Reports also indicated that the detainee was one of the organizers of the protests.

On May 13, the Legal Affairs Committee of the Georgian Parliament passed the law on foreign agents in the final third reading. The voting process lasted a little over one minute, with no attendance from opposition representatives, who failed to reach the parliamentary hall on time.


Protests ensued in Tbilisi in response to this law. Demonstrators aimed to prevent MPs from entering the parliament building to obstruct the legislation on “foreign agents.”

Previously, the Georgian Interior Ministry announced the detention of 20 individuals, including a Moldovan citizen.

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