Moldovan Minister of Internal Affairs Efros Holds Key Talks with Romanian Ambassador

The new Minister of Internal Affairs of Chișinău, Adrian Efros, had a meeting with Cristian-Leon Țurcanu, the Romanian Ambassador to the Republic of Moldova. The officials discussed the expertise provided by Romania to Moldova in the process of adapting policies to achieve the European path.

“The parties analyzed the possibility of expanding joint controls at multiple border crossing points to streamline cross-border traffic, as well as the necessary steps to improve the functionality of the Leușeni-Albița Border Crossing Point. Minister Efros detailed the activities at the Leova-Bumbăta Border Crossing Point, which currently represents the shortest access route to Romania and the EU for residents of southern Moldova, reducing waiting times at other customs checkpoints. In the same context, the need and benefits of implementing a national warning system, similar to the one in Romania, were evaluated,” according to a press release from the Ministry of Internal Affairs.


Furthermore, during the discussions, officials emphasized the importance of sectoral cooperation to modernize and strengthen the internal affairs system, considering the threats related to the armed conflict in Ukraine and the constant hybrid warfare with immediate effects on public order and the safety of Moldovan citizens.

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