Moldovan National Army will receive a batch of protective medical equipment from Romania

The National Army is to receive, on behalf of the Chisinau Government, between January 19-20 this year, from the Ministry of National Defense in Bucharest, a batch of protective medical equipment.

Medical goods are donated by the Romanian side in the context of preventing and combating infection with the SARS-CoV-2 virus.

“The medical materials, amounting to over 7 million Romanian lei (the approximate equivalent of 30 million MDA lei) contain: 1000 visors, 9,000 glove boxes, 2,000 protective plastic glasses, 3 million surgical masks, as well as 500,000 protective masks”, say the officials.


The medical goods will be transported from the Leușeni customs point, with military trucks provided by the National Army, and will be distributed to the Material Reserve Agency and the Central Military Clinical Hospital.

In this context, citizens are urged to refrain from sharing images of military equipment in the online space, in order not to generate misinformation.

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